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MESTE is a nonprofit organization established to spread knowledge and experience in the areas of management, education, science, technology, law, and economics, on the manner that allows authors, scientists and professionals to easily publish their own works, and interested readers to easily obtain necessary information.
The focal point of MESTE is to publish scientific journals at the international level, with the view on matters from a global perspective, but, also, some papers concerning some local specific events could be published.
The science and technological advancement and its socio-political impact that happens all over the world can find place in the MESTE journals.

Mission statement
We are people helping scientists and professionals to exchange experiences for the general progress of the society.


At MESTE, our vision is to publish journals that will take a place among the most cited journals in the world thanking to our work and to the quality of the papers that we will publish on the benefit of all their readers.

MESTE Journals

MESTE journals welcome high quality, original research articles from scientists and professionals, professors and PhD students in the areas of management, education, science, technologies and economics from all over the world. Papers will be peer reviewed and published online and in print. For details, please, see the Instructions for authors at the journal's pages. Accepted papers will be published in the MESTE journals by order of acceptance. Corresponding authors will be notified about the time of publishing.

The MEST Journal is published twice a year: January 15, and July 15.
The FBIM Transactions is published twice a year: April 15, and October 15.

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Walter Block:
On Immigradion
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